Plus Size 26 Litre Nappy Bin Bundle (with free liner)


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For Larger Disposal Needs!

  • Ideal for day care centers, homes with multiple babies in nappies, or light adult incontinence
  • Holds up to 60 newborn nappies before requiring emptying
  • Each refill contains enough liner material to dispose over 580 newborn nappies
  • Economical refill system – only use the liner you need, no twisting & wastage
  • Hygienic & durable – simple step and drop hands-free system for hygiene
  • Keeps room smelling fresh – has multiple airlock systems and is made of odour resistant ABS
  • Life after nappies – converts into stylish pedal bin in one simple step, by simply removing the trapdoor
  • Childproof – childproof lockable trap-door and liner cutter


Economical Bin Refill System
With Korbell you’re not wasting liner material individually wrapping each nappy. Plus, Korbell’s unique continuous liner system gives you
the ability to create bags of any size – so there’s also no waste if you want to empty the unit before it’s full. The Korbell nappy bin is the
most economical bin on the market, using 9 times LESS liner than competitor bins

Simple and Convenient Hands Free Operation
With Korbell’s nappy disposal bin you simply step on the pedal to open the lid and then drop the diaper through the trap door. Your hands
never touch the unit! So there’s no need to take both hands off of your baby to insert, or push a dirty nappy into the pail.

Keeps Rooms Smelling Fresh
Korbell’s double-sealing protection keep odours inside the pail, while the powder-scented refills provide extra odour resistance. The
result: your baby’s nursery and your home will always smell clean and fresh.

Environmentally Friendly
Korbell’s 100% biodegradable liners are the most environmentally friendly nappy bin liners available!

Durable and Hygienic
Korbell nappy bins are made from heavy-duty ABS plastic which is extremely durable, very easy to clean, and completely resistant to
odours from soiled nappies. In contrast, other nappy bins are often made of polypropylene, a less long-lasting material that is easily
permeated by unpleasant smells.

Completely Child Proof
Each Korbell nappy bin features a button to childproof the lid, a knob to childproof the trap door, and a childproof cutter for cutting full
bags from the continuous bag liner. This keeps dirty nappies away from toddlers with curious little fingers.

Converts Into a Traditional Bin
Once your baby is finished with nappies you can remove the nappy, insert and use the Korbell nappy bin as a rubbish bin that’s great for
any room in the house. Extending its use in this manner makes Korbell ideal for both the environment and your budget

– Colour: White
– Material: ABS
– Dimensions: 24 x 33.5 x 56cm
– Weight: 2.7kg
– Capacity: 26 Litre
– Warranty: 12 Months

What’s in the box
x 1 Korbell 26 Litre Bin

Weight 2.730 kg
Dimensions 24 × 33.5 × 56 cm

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The Brand

Convenient, safe and odour-trapping, Korbell has the best designed nappy bins for any nursery and home! Korbell strive to make intelligently designed nappy disposal products that meet the needs for all modern families, whether it be large or small. With European origins, Korbell has managed to expand across the globe sharing their no fuss, easy clean strategy.


How long will my earth-friendly liners last?
Depending on whether you have the Classic or the Plus size bin, 1 single pack liner will last 9-10
weeks for the classic size, and 11-12 weeks for the Plus size, based on 7 nappy changes a day.

What makes Korbell Nappy Bins better than others on the market?
Korbell are the easiest to use – simply STEP on the foot pedal, DROP the nappy in, and you’re DONE.You don’t have to bend over to slide a door open, squish a nappy through a hole or touch anything
it’s 100% hands free!
They are also earth-friendly, using 9x less liner than others in the South African market, the Korbell
Biodegradable liner refills will completely 100% biodegradable in both landfill and compost sites.

What should I use to clean my nappy bin?
Unlike steel nappy bins that can only be cleaned with a dry cloth or they’ll rust, we recommend
cleaning your Korbell with a non-abrasive liquid household cleaner. Bleach can also be used if needed.

What keeps the odour inside the Korbell Nappy Bin?
Korbell is a unique three part approach to odour control, starting with the trap door. The springloaded trap door allow the nappy through and then immediately and automatically shuts the odour
from escaping. The top lid also acts as a secondary seal for double protection against odour. The
strong, powder-scented continuous refill is the third line of defence.


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