Nappy Bin Refills – Strong, Economical,
Easy-to-Use, and Eco-Friendly Too!

Korbell’s powder-scented nappy bin liners are both sturdy and stretch-resistant to securely hold your dirty nappies without breaking, tearing or falling apart.

You’ll save money using Korbell nappy bin refills

Our nappy bin refills feature a unique, continuous roll, giving you the flexibility to create nappy bags of different sizes. There’s no wasted liner material when you want to empty the unit before it is full. Plus, Korbell doesn’t waste bin liner material by individually wrapping each nappy, resulting in additional savings for users.

Korbell nappy bags are the most eco-friendly nappy bags available

Korbell’s 100% biodegradable nappy bin liners are the most environmentally friendly solution available.
Biodegradable bag refills
Biodegradable bag refills are tough and flexible, strong, and tear resistant. Our bag liners will completely biodegrade in both landfill and compost sites.
recycled materials
Korbell Bag nappy bin refills are made with 20% recycled materials.
Korbell 16 litre refill bags
Korbell refill bags plus 26 litre pack
korbell liner 60 nappies
Korbell liner- 60 nappies
Competitor liner- 60 naappies
Competitor liner-60 nappies
A study conducted shows that the Korbell bin uses 9 times less liner than competitor bins using a single wrap system. Korbell bins use 1.2 meters of liner to dispose of 60 newborn nappies compared to a continuous liner systems which used 11.8 meters of liner to dispose of the same quantity of nappies.

Replacing a bag is as easy as 1-2-3

Open your Korbell and pull the full bag downwards.
Replacing bag image step 1
Cut the full bag on the door-mounted safety cutter and then dispose.
Replacing bag image step 2
Tie a knot at the bottom of the refill and close the door. That’s it!
Replacing bag image step 3
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